Our successful joint venture with SMEs companies

Over the past 3 years we had a successful joint venture with SMEs companies. Through our Joint ventures, we were able to get cumulative sales of $6.5M. Last year alone we had a total commission paid out of $875k, this year we plan to cross the million mark in paying out commission. We are now extending this business venture to freelancers too, since have worked with many clients, a reputation with the clients is built. We leverage this reputation together with our sales force and cutting edge technologies, we are able to make further deals with those clients that no other company is capable of. Yes that's right! We are proud to say that we have such systems and teams in place that are able to take up any challenge and make it a reality.

In the last 15 months alone we were able to expand our reach to 12 different countries. With the headquarters located in Dublin Ireland, and regional offices located in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Sweden, France, and South Africa, Philippines, and India just to name a few. By the end of 2022 our aim is to be the global industry leader in Joint Ventures and business partnership programs with SMEs companies.


Our process is plain and simple, you have clients to whom you are offering particular services, hence you have a connection with your clients. Our plan to further sell other services to your clients. Sell them those services which you are not selling so that we are not competing with you, but rather giving you extra money with minimal effort from your side.

Ok that's fine, but what exactly do I need to do?

Great question, Ok so we will provide you with a link to a feedback questionnaire (click here to see sample feedback questionnaire) which you will share with your past, current and future clients. The feedback questionnaire is basically a questionnaire in which you request your client to give you feedback on your recent work which you have done for them. This questionnaire will also ask your clients if they are interested in any other services which we provide. If they say yes, then they will provide their contact number and we are in business. Our professional sales team will contact this lead and make a sale. For every sale that we make you will receive commission. It's a win-win situation for both parties with minimal effort from your side.

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Use Case

We have had success with 80+ SMEs. Below is one example of a company called logotech based in India, they have partnered with us and this is what they have to say.

“We are a logo design agency based in India. We Partnered with Eirtechs about 6 months ago, ever since we have partnered, we increased our revenue by additional 35% because of the easy commission we get from Eirtechs. It's pretty simple if you ask me. We design logos, borchers banners etc. once we deliver the logo to our international client, we send that client a link to a feedback form which is provided by Eirtechs. The client gives us a review and feedback on the recent work, this feedback form also asks the client if they are interested in other services such as SEO, social media marketing, content writing etc.. Most of the time the client will show interest in one of the services which Eirtechs are providing. That's all we do from my side. We just share a feedback questionnaire link with the client and Eirtechs takes care of the rest. Our average commission is between $900 - $1,200 depending on how many of our clients show interest, we get commission for every sale Eirtechs make through our leads which are generated through the feedback form.”

Sunil Kumar

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We will give you access to the google form responses so that you can also see which client has responded and what service they have shown interest. More importantly you will also be given access to our CRM, in which you will be able to see the clients details, any sales and projects that are being worked on. You will also be able to see the summary of every client and the amount of sale we have charged every client that was generated through your leads.

Your commission will be 10% of the sale we charge. For eg. We made a sale of $2,000, because that client came through you, we will give you 10% of $2,000, which is $200.

We will not compete with you on the services that you are already offering you clients, That is why we have asked you which services you offer. If you wish to amend the questionnaire then let us know and we will remove any services which you do not want us to offer to your clients.

We are industry experts in making sales and living up to customers expectations, we are an international based company with more than 12 branches worldwide. We invite our clients to our office if need be. For eg. If a client is located in London then we make face to face deal with that client since we have an office there.

That's not a problem, our procedure is transparent and you are able to see the progress and status of every lead which you provide through CRM. Our stats show that for every 5 leads we generate a sale, so if not that end of the world, simply forward us more leads. More leads means more properties for sale and higher chance of success.

Yes, we have a Partner of the month incentive for which you will receive bonus and extra commission. We also make special custom deals for consistent partners..

Yes you are more than welcome to do so, our sales team will contact the lead and make the sale in the same way that they do with the leads generated from the feedback questionnaire form.

Yes you can refer other businesses and individuals, if they meet our criteria for joint venture program then we will take them on board. For every sale that we make through them you will also receive 3%-5% commission depending on the quality of lead.

There are several methods to get paid. We mainly payout our partners via Paypal, Stripe, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer. If there are any specific payment methods you prefer, kindly let us know and we might be able to cater for your specific needs depending on your country. We will disperse your commission on the 5th of every month. The minimum threshold for payout needs to be greater than $50. Once your commission is greater than $50 then will pay you on the 5th day of the next month.

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